Argh, these podcasters are so picky about what software you can listen to their shows with. Some just have to be downloaded or streamed online. I just want to use 1 app, dangit!

Farmer to Farmer Podcast

Sustainable Growing with Quarter-Acre Farm – a local show

I keep forgetting to listen to Delicious Revolution because I had trouble getting episodes thru Tune in Radio, but I heard part of an episode on Podcast Addict and now I see I can get it on Soundcloud. It’s a local show.

TSP- The Survival Podcast (so I’ve heard, have never listened)

My current favorite, which I listen to on Soundcloud, is the The Urban Farmer show on Permaculture Voices. I’ve just started with season 2, and am partway thru episode 2

I think I also listened to something recently from the Permaculture Podcast

I listen to Earth Eats on NPR One…

Do you have any recommendations of shows that you like? I might keep editing this over time, or if folks post comments, please include links! thanks!



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