Starting to get fall crops in

plants in the greenhouse this evening

Well, I have cabbage seedlings that are getting big, and broccoli seedlings that i’ve potted up (some have been rotting in their new pots 😦 ) and this stuff needs to get into the ground. Z prepped the area with the tractor, and today i put out enough oyster shell and compost to get me started (the right row is pretty much ready to receive seedlings).

new greens beds. cabbage and broccoli scheduled for the right, and kale and broccoli in the left rows

I should have watermelons soon if they can handle the 48-degree nights.

Hm, the bad Inaturalist code at the right is worrisome; no time tonight.

PS, I planted some snow peas last week and they have emerged!


TWO 110+ degree days!

It never gets that hot here, but it was roughly 112 yesterday and 111 today. Some of the plants in the garden are just sort of fading away. An example is the sunflowers in the east side of the garden. We’ll see what happens. #weather

Part of a screen capture from the Weather Underground site that shows that it was 109.4 degrees early this afternoon.
Screen capture from Weather Underground that showed that it was 109.4 degrees early this afternoon.

We’ve been getting lots of green, yellow, and purple beans and basil. We’ve gotten a few squashes so far, and a couple of tomatoes this week. My seedlings have made it so far – even the ones that I transplanted this week! They are flowers that probably won’t get to flower before it gets too cold, but I felt like I should try. I picked 2/3 of a 5-gallon bucket of pears the night before the 1st extra-hot day. I think that’s all I will get for the rest of the season! I can still see a few out there, but I just don’t have the time or energy. I got too hot  in our carport on Friday and am still recovering.

Heat wave!

There might be a monarch butterfly or two in this photo – that’s what I was trying to capture! I’ve been seeing a monarch pretty much every day lately 🙂

Wow, the days have been in the mid-to-high 70’s with fog until 11am or later. Today it may have gotten up to 101 degrees. I fertilized today and in the morning we will hopefully water twice as long as we’ve been doing lately. My 2nd-year Seascapes have 0 flowers. The green, yellow, and purple beans are delicious.

I sold some kale and pears this week (to a local juice company) – the day after I had started new kale seeds! The Red Russian kale has pretty much been destroyed by aphids (and their predators), and the dino kale is starting to go. It’s time for a new bed of greens. I’ve also got a lot of broccoli seedlings to pot up. The juicer said he’d love to take all of my kale every week. I’m not sure if it’s financially worthwhile for me to grow “for” him. I way undercharged since I figured this is sort of a wholesale thing. The way that we were put in touch with each other was througha gleaning organization that I emailed because I don’t have time to pick the pears! Tomorrow is probably the last day on which it’d make sense to pick pears (because of this heat). I wish I could’ve gotten out there to pick pears every day. Also, I’ve been wanting to buy a new dehydrator and still haven’t picked the right one. I wish we had the time and gumption to build one ourselves. (Z’s back has been out again the last few days, and with the need to prep beds, he’ll need to get on the tractor, at least to mow for new beds)

I’d really like to get some cover crops planted, but I feel that we need a new watering system. We use sprinklers that are on these little 2ish foot posts (which are all bent from our hard soil)

The neighbors built an “eff-you” fence. That’s what a friend of mine and I call it, anyhow. I figure that it’s either because they don’t want to see our butt cracks, or they don’t want us to see when their kids are playing on our side of their house, or they don’t want their kids to always be coming to the fence to look for my kid/produce from our garden, or they don’t want my kid to play with their kids. 😦 One could look at it in an unrelated way such as “or maybe someone gifted them some redwood fencing slats and then when they ran out they just continued with that hideous, kinda-seethrough bamboo or whatever that is.” It’s been 2 weeks since the mom texted me back about setting up a playdate (with an “i’ll let you know.” I know they are busy and our schedules haven’t lined up, but still… I feel sad and confused, and rejected. Believe me, we’d move if we could really afford it. It looks like our place is worth about $200,000 less than a more-ideal home with some land that would have certain better features (and there are few of those places on the market).

Today we had a nice visit (at her place) with a neighborhood flower farmer who I met through the community ed flower class I took this spring. 🙂 She had a “certified organic” sign on the property. Awesome!

Still no progress on the selling-cut-flowers thing… no time. I’ve been doing too much facebook/politics and a lot of parenting stuff and health stuff have been taking up garden time.


The harvest continues

I harvested 4 baskets of strawberries today. Got about 15 pears (low-hanging) from trees in garden. They are still ~75% ripe. It feels like they are ripening very slowly this year. And of course about a pound of green, yellow, and purple green beans.

Got my 40 yards of compost delivered this week. They didn’t call in advance (I hadn’t even paid yet, and they hadn’t confirmed!!!), so I didn’t get to move the old compost out of the way before it got buried.

The second, larger batch of green, yellow, and purple (Trilogy) beans is starting up…  hoping that folks we know will come over and pick some (pears, too). I planted another round of them today. Maybe I’ll get to one more before I stop planting them. There’s always that fantasy of having fresh green beans for thanksgiving, lol.

I have some flower and dill seedlings to get into the ground really soon. Those are for fall. I am missing my chance to plan and plant for the spring. Missing the chance to get cover crops in. It’s really a terrible month for planting because the raccoons do so much digging at this time of year :(. I have to pot up my broccoli seedlings in a few days, and start many other kinds of greens. The aphids are destroying my red russian kale and have moved on to the dino kale. i need to clean that bed up (deadhead and harvest and sell flowers, as well as getting rid of old kale leaves) and just cannot find the time. I started a compost pile last week and never managed to turn it. I did add water to it once or twice. Z even got me a new hose for it.

Have been thinking about how I need a farm partner or three.

Better get ready for bed. Phone having trouble posting photo but i think one may have gotten thru to my flickr page…