Stormy weather!

It hadn’t rained for weeks, so the 3 or so inches we’ve gotten in the last 2 or 3 days (2.72 today) are making my garden very unhappy. It’s actually way more widespread than this, I just didn’t want to show the full extent of it that’s visible as one steps into the garden. I brought a wagon to the northwest corner of the garden to get some wood chips and was scared that it was going to sink. It’s the kind of wetness where you know better than to walk on the same place twice, because your feet will sink down several inches when you walk there again.

I was trying to dig and mulch (lol) trenches to drain the water away from the entrance to the well house, but the area I was draining to (the well-mulched northeast path) was inaccessible due to the fact that the whole path is under inches of water 😦

Standing water inches deep in the garden
Standing water inches deep on path down center of garden and along my kale bed

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