The raccoons have gotten so big!

Raccoons hard at work
Digging up my pea bed! You can click on the image to make it bigger M2E1L0-11R350B300

My pea bed (on the south side of the garden; the tractor reflector is pretty bright here) looks like such a mess. I have to rebury seeds/seedlings every day. I’m a bit worried about the 2 sixpacks of plants that I transplanted today, on the far north east side. The collards are too leggy, and the kales look like they needed nutrients from the soil about 2 weeks ago. Noone had thinned the cells, so I had about 10 of each kind of plant. I really don’t know where all of my seedlings will end up. We needed to do so much work this weekend, and it didn’t happen 😦

I did pick 2 baskets of strawberries today. It’s amazing that they are still producing so well. The pests are just awful, though. I’m getting better at squishing cucumber beetles as soon as I spot them – they will fly away very quickly if I wait at all!


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