I planted some strawberries!

Planting spinach and strawberries
Planting spinach and strawberries

Tonight I got to plant 19 Chandler strawberries and 18 spinach seedlings of a forgotten variety. I had 2 sixpacks of these seedlings, but since they were never thinned, there are a lot more than 12 plants. T was with me, which was ok at times, like when he was putting compost into planting holes, and not ok at other times, like when he was moving or stepping or sitting on stuff I’d already planted. Right now we have drip tape on roughly 30 feet, but that tape needs to be switched out when I reach the end of it (I started planting in the shorter row tonight after I finished the longer row).

Z mowed all of the rest of the cover crops except for one row. I was like, “we have to leave some habitat!” There are some questions about how that stuff is going to break down with winter around the corner. I guess that we could let the gophers work on it and then plant something in January (?).

Z and Tristan next to our row of sorghum sudangrass
Showing how tall some of the sorghum-sudangrass is

Z finished putting the pea trellis up tonight 🙂

We had visitors this morning, so we harvested a “greens” plant that the gophers had cut off from its roots and sent our friends home with some of the leaves! We have lost 3 plants in the last week or 10 days.

Last night I left the water on on the compost for an hour when I meant to leave it on for like 3 minutes. It was a disaster out there! :/
I hit my sprained hand, especially the most painful fingers, on the table when I was eating tonight. My pinky hurts so much! I hope it is ok.


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