I finished putting in that batch of strawberries!

Yay, 99ish strawberry crowns have been planted. The first half or so had Tyee spinach planted between them. As I went farther and farther down the row, the ground was less wet and had more grass mixed in, so I went slower and slower. The weeds are going to be crazy this winter! I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another crown out there, since T kept trying to give me one that looked humongous and then I never found one that big when I was planting. I sure do do it the labor-intensive way.

This picture was taken about 5 plants from the end.

the adorable T standing near me as I plant strawberries
Me, about some 80+ feet into the bed of strawberries, and T, rocking his rain boots

When I was out planting this morning, it was windy and cold and you could just smell the rain in the air. It was like being someplace else where it rains, not in Sonoma County (the first winter I lived here was an El Nin~o winter and it rained SO MUCH!).

After I finished planting tonight, I hoed next to the peas – just trying to get a few inches between the “path” and the drip tape. Unfortunately, if I go too close, I tend to cut the tape.


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