National Cat Day Cat Visit

Kitty cat climbing Z
Grey kitty climbing Z

Z picked some dino kale and Grey Kitty seemed very interested in it.

This morning I had a doctor’s appointment so I only got out there for about a half an hour. I straightened out the drip tape on the garlic bed (Z had done this already and I realized that he was lining it up to follow the way the strawberry bed’s tape was laid out, so I had to put some back the way he’d left it earlier in the morning). I pulled a few weeds in the new strawberries – there are a lot! Also, the animals had dug up a few plants.

This evening, I picked a basket or so of strawberries. They seemed to me to be in better shape than yesterday’s. Picking every day and pulling off old leaves can make a really big difference. There are still plenty that have holes, and I threw out a lot that had soft spots from cucumber beetles, sow bugs, etc.

Later, I put compost out over the bed where the garlic will be. I am feeling pretty distressed about the condition of the soil in the paths. And in the beds. Z bought cover crop seed today, so we hope to plant this weekend. Z is concerned that he doesn’t want to put sprinklers out again and have them get lost in the vetch like what happened this spring. Not much rain is predicted for the foreseeable future.


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