Us posing in front of a rainbow
Us posing in front of a rainbow

This morning when we about to go out to breakfast, I spotted a rainbow! Then it started raining for real. Supposedly “Santa Rosa” (a big place) has had ~.17 inch of rain today. We had only .09 inch in all of October, so this is a good start to the month.

I didn’t get out to plant garlic until just before our late lunch. I planted 3 or so bulbs of Italian Late Silverskin Garlic. It’s rough going out there because I have to basically dig through every bit of the top 3 inches of soil in order to try to get out as much grass (green, roots, or dried stuff) as possible to reduce my weed load, which is quite heavy. My boots got a bit muddy, but it really wasn’t that wet out there.

Tonight I picked strawberries, weeded about the next 20 feet of garlic bed, and turned the compost. Not a very productive weekend, but hey, it was Halloween, and we needed to go to the farmers’ market today to get organic raw almonds! #familytime


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