Thanksgiving was a success

We ate more food from this place than you’d have thought, given how few things are growing!

We had greens, of course; olives; pear sauce (made into pie? i forget); pear crostada (sp?); pear booze; sage… oh, and there were like 4 different days on which kids (and Z’s mother) picked strawberries! They had to have picked 3 or 4 baskets’ worth (?!). Then we even colder nights over the weekend and everything froze. The strawberries appear to finally be finished. There were no peas last week, and the plants are very unhappy from the cold. We had a heritage turkey (that we provided and Z brined with some of our rosemary) and it was awesome!!!

I think we’ve been watering too much, but there were some windy days over the weekend and we wanted to be sure that the soil didn’t dry out.


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