Oops, I cut the main irrigation line

I was going to mow this morning, but the grass was way too wet. That gave me an opportunity to work on weeding the garlic and onions. I hadn’t gotten very far on Saturday, and of course my work from last week needed to be redone by today!

Unfortunately, I ran over an irrigation mainline and since the mower was on low and there wasn’t (much?) water in the poly pipe, it got cut pretty badly.


The mower is going in for servicing in the morning. Good thing, since there was small wire wrapped around the base of the blade, and I hit the pipe today, and I carried a stake from one of the sprinklers for quite a ways. I just wanted to make sure to be able to see where my strawberries are and where the summer ones will go. Should I hand-weed the rest of the bed that has the straw at the end so I can put strawberries in later in the month?


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