Things are starting to get moving

Today Z did a bunch of mowing on the north side, and a bit on the south side. In a lot of places you can still feel your feet sink a bit so I’m glad he skipped a lot of the south side. He did do the path to the compost – I’ve been planning that as my next wood chip project.

This week I weeded the strawberries and put out more wood chips and turned the compost mess once. The kidlet was sick Thurs-today so I haven’t gotten as much done as I might have. Today I was able to find most of the garlic and onions (including that which was mowed and a few gopher holes). More weeding to come.


the new strawberries. i think i took this picture on Monday. See below to see how they have recovered!
the plants at the front and at the um top left are the newest (there are none in the far right)

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