Productive garden day

I fertilized this morning! I used the fish emulsion and seaweed product that I’ve got. I cannot get the sprayer to work so I had to mix the stuff in the sprayer then pour from the container to a small watering can. I need one that can apply the stuff in a finer spray. I think I used way too much of the stuff, but oh, well. The Chandlers need it. The ground looks so dry where there aren’t plants or compost on the soil.

Chandler strawberry plants as seen from the north end of the bed

I was very tired this evening but I did manage to hoe next to the summer strawberries (and a bit in the bed); rake some grass over the dry, old bean bed; and pick a few strawberries. Picking berries always involves a lot of removal of old leaves. I didn’t have anything handy for slug killing, but I saw more than on recent days. Some parts of that bed have worse slugs than others.

Rain is possible on each of the next 10 days. I have planted nothing. 😦 At least there is still grass. 20160407_190130.jpg




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