Bed prep and berries!

I started hoeing a new bed yesterday (northwest). I was thinking pole beans, but now I’m thinking either something fast-growing, or a cover crop to get that soil covered.

View of new garden bed
hoeing a new bed. Half-full wagon of compost at the ready

The strawberries are still happily flowering. I picked a basket of the old ones today. We tried a quickie planting of some herb seeds in the summer and spring beds this weekend.

Here’s a view of how ridiculous my garden is. There are weeds, gophers, and herbs – in this case, borage – to contend with. Adding a lot of

Borage plants growing out of a gopher mound between two strawberry plants. Also visible are some weeds, including a dock and some grasses. I’m sure there’s bindweed in there somewhere

I’m still feeling great about the time I spent putting all that extra compost on this bed- the spring strawberries only got compost around the plants. The compost is not really visible anymore, and I can’t even scratch into the rock-hard ground to figure out if it’s wet. Argh! Also there are still 20 or 30 seascape crowns in the fridge. I could put them at the end of the Chandlers when/if I run out at the end of the seascapes?


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