Potatoes are starting to show!

Yay, the potatoes that Z planted last week are sending out some leaves! We still haven’t finished planting them all, but what are ya gonna do?

pretty sure that I see some potato leaves. Above them is a weed. Looks like maybe a wild radish.
Things are growing!


Tonight I did finish transplanting the tomatoes, the peppers, and most of the purple basil. It made me feel so productive! I also transplanted a nasturtium T started at school (though when he brought it home it was unclear if there were actually any seeds in it, so I had put in a few old nasturtium seeds that I had, lol) into the broccoli bed. The weeds over there have really taken off this week. I’ve got to get in there with some serious tools. The little hoe I used last week didn’t do such a great job on the larger weeds that were in the corn and beans.

I picked almost 2 baskets of old strawberries tonight. They look pretty good! I ate some of the slightly-soft ones as I was picking and they tasted ok. I have been trying to check the Chandlers twice a day because they have been getting these big bite marks on them. I would almost think it’s a gopher, but it could also be ravens.

Here’s one of our beds of greens from this morning. The chard is in the other bed, and it’s getting quite big. The collard plant that grew back in the eastern greens bed from last winter is also doing quite well. I looked for collards at the farm supply store this weekend and either there weren’t any or they looked terrible. I forget which!


Today Z went back to the farm supply store because we realized that I’d been charged for 10 six-packs instead of 2. There was a long line the first time he went, and then the 2nd time he and the manager had some trouble communicating. The guy printed out the long version of the receipt so he could see the longer descriptions of things that had been confusing (I think it said 4-pack for the 4″ pots or something). Z wasn’t sure about things, so he left without money. He got chided for us not checking the receipt (hello, toddler!) and for not putting it on our account to get the discount. I thought I had told the woman our account name, but oh, well. So now I have to try to find the time to drive out there and deal with this… good thing we’re not relying on the farm and my 2 hours a day in the field for money!



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