Need more flowers!

I just watched what I think was a swallowtail butterfly wandering around the garden looking for something it liked. All that’s flowering in there is strawberries, bindweed, maybe some lambsquarters, maybe a tomato, and a couple of purple green beans. 😦 I have a really hard time getting small-seeded plants, esp. flowers, to germinate. It’s odd that I just last night wrote about needing to plant more flowers. I guess it’s not that odd.

I do have yarrow and calendula that I planted. There are so many other places where I’ve tried to plant either annuals or wilflower mixes, and I guess the soil wasn’t prepared the way they like it, the water wasn’t right, or it wasn’t the correct time of year. I meant to put some dill in  with the greens last week, but it didn’t happen. Maybe this weekend.


One thought on “Need more flowers!

  1. I got out there tonight and planted some dill seed from 2014 in with the greens, and some carrot seed from 2015 in with the tomatoes. need to get better about planting those companions the same week as the original plants! Didn’t get to do a strawberry picking as I was trying to help get T to bed early.


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