Things are coming along!

Yesterday I started to hoe the sunflower bed and I realized I had better stop because there are some seedlings coming up (not just the bindweed)! I did start putting the compost out in that bed. I hate leaving bare soil! It’s really causing a sow bug problem in the strawberries, though! I think the first sunflowers are the 2 year-old Mammoth ones. The potatoes I planted have also started to come up, as well as the corn and beans.

potato leaves! and trash from Sonoma Compost

I need to take out the bell beans that are growing in the newer strawberry beds, but check out all these ladybugs!

ladybugs on bell bean and strawberries. also: purslane, bindweed, grass, etc

This morning I was finally ready to plant more potatoes, and then I realized that all but 2 of the seeds were a bit too squishy. I threw those into the green waste bin along with some bermudagrass. :p I am hoping to get some local potatoes from a guy who lives a couple of towns north of here. He grows a lot of perennials and weird plants. I first met him at a farmers market. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I did a fair bit of thinning of my earlier corn plantings. It’s painful to get rid of what are mostly beautiful, healthy plants (although they were hosting an awful lot of cucumber beetles. need to put those traps out), but hopefully things will get better in terms of pests. maybe i can hide some flower seeds in there. Of course I finished thinning after I’d started a new compost pile! Oh, well.

corn post-thinning. some yarrow.

I need to fertilize. I think Z’s been watering a bit too long (it’s hard because he usually goes and does other stuff while the water is on) and things are a tad bit yellow.

The strawberries get soft too quickly. I think it’s partly just the humidity level in the refrigerator. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



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