Frantically planting seeds!

20160620_182410.jpgYesterday and tonight I planted Bottle Gourd seeds in the eastmost of our winter squash row. Had 2 packets but T took about 10-15 from first packet. Today I added alyssum and I think calendula to that bed. Also planted 1/2 oz of Kakai Hulless Pumpkins (center row, there might not be enough space for all these things). I took out the broccoli raab because it was nearly finished flowering and put some calendula seeds in its place. The calendula in the corn/bean row is starting to make flowers! The dill in the greens and tomatoes is looking nice. There are a few zinnias coming in at the head of the tomatoes, and maybe at the head of the north sunflower bed. (did I mention I planted some sunflowers on Sunday?). I picked a few basil leaves tonight. I am not a huge fan of lemon basil, as it turns out ;).

I tried hilling some dirt around the potatoes this morning. It sure takes a lot of dirt! I didn’t get very far before I felt compelled to do other stuff – like pick strawberries. The Chandlers are really slowing down and I think will be done by the end of this heatwave, if not the week. Wow, 98 next Wednesday! I keep feeling like I should get more fruit-type things to plant. There will be blackberries soon. And pears.

summer solstice sunset 2016



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