Planted some late pumpkins

calendula in flower

I planted about 3/4 of a bed of pumpkins in the middle of the south side of the field this evening.

Earlier today I fertilized with my liquid mineral fertilizer till I ran out, and then with the seaweed one.

My garden time has been weird this week because we have houseguests (tomorrow’s our last day with them, and my inlaws are coming up to be with us all). My sister-in-law has been rocking the harvests- today she got around a gallon of blackberries! Our freezer is so full. We really need to get a standalone freezer! I also need a new dehydrator.

I did some more research on where to get compost today. The place that our local green waste goes to (in the next county) has an omri-approved product, and in the quantity I’d want there’s a discount that puts it lower than Sonoma Compost (which is local but not currently organic-approved afaik). the delivery fee for the place in Marin County was $240, which would apply if we got 20 or 40 yards’ (yards’s?) worth. We have had an expensive year…


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