Our farm needs a name

We still have not decided on a farm name. Kind of need one, depending on how I’d announce its existence/what’s available. What if we brought in like $50 a week? How would I even have time to interact with customers, nevermind pick stuff for them?

I picture me listing us on localharvest.org and saying “inquire about availability” and”by appointment,” but really all I need is a sign on the fence. Tho the website would help find foodies who might be able to pay a fair price. SIGH!

Name-wise, something related to our location would make sense,  but then again, it’s a common street name. Maybe something about being on the urban edge…  Here’s an article I don’t have time to read about Farming on the Urban Fringe On this subject, I just want to say that a really nice acre on the street near us that goes from the fringe into the city was getting dug up by heavy machinery last week. 😦 I sure hope they’re putting in affordable housing!


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