Road work

yellow, pink, fuscia zinnias
some of Mummy’s beloved zinnias

This week they’ve been paving our street. It’s about a mile and a half or so long. It gets a lot of traffic because it’s a major route between Santa Rosa and roads that lead to Rohnert Park – plus it leads to a bunch of places in the hills. Today they paved the part of our side of the street that’s outside of our house. I avoided the garden this morning so I’d avoid the fumes. I picked most of the pears from the trees that are at the front of the garden yesterday while 6 trucks drove by carrying asphalt. So many!

Today I focused on housecleaning. I got out there for a little while tonight -T helped me to plant some lettuce, carrots, and radishes. Why do I have so few packets of radish seed? Anyhow, then I also planted a packet of “blue” snap peas. They look like they might be a spring crop, though, based on what the packet says.

My in-laws picked tomatoes and kale, which were used in the pizza Z made tonight, and T picked basil. I didn’t have time to pick strawberries (had to run some errands in the afternoon, plus T was clingy!). So I’m feeling garden withdrawal. Looks like T is a bit sick so he’ll be home with me tomorrow = no fertilizing, moving compost, etc. SIGH! Plus it’ll be the 1st anniversary of my dad’s death. 😦 Nice full moon tonight!

a few of the tallest sunflowers are getting ready for their flower heads to pop out!

Last night I felt like I was pulling out as many bad strawberries as good ones (three baskets, gave one to the new neighbors!). We’ll see if I get to pick berries tomorrow.

I wrote to a local gleaning organization to ask if they wanted to come and pick pears. No response (yet?).


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