I heard a kitty while i was planting

It was so awful — it sounded like Scout, the Bengal cat we fostered when Tristan was 1-2 years old (around 10 months). My friend Julie moved to Hawaii and that state doesn’t let people bring hybrid cats such as him with them. He was a very nice cat and an excellent farm kitty, but he was SO LOUD! I couldn’t take it anymore and she eventually had to move him to a friend’s place in Utah!!  Here is a video of his regular meow (ok, i haven’t listened to it since i posted it). The meowing that I heard today was like when we returned from a trip and had to drive him 12 miles in a cat carrier on winding roads. It was so awful.

I tried to look into our ditch from the garden, and I had Z look from the street. I really thought the sound was coming from behind the (repaired wooden) fence across the street, but it could have been coming from under the fallen tree limb that’s at the front of the garden. If only we had a chipper. Anyhow, over time the sound turned into a kitten’s mewling (mostly). When I was looking for the video of Scout, I found one of a kitten in a bush outside of our house from September 10th of last year. I’m guessing that they had the same mom! (maybe it was even the stray female Bengal that we’ve seen here and a half-mile away)

It was so sad! I wish I could have found it. Grey Kitty hates cats, though, and would probably hate a kitten. I almost had to go back into the house because the sound was so distracting. Poor kitty. Julie thought it could be a cat in heat, but I think that the mewling means it was probably an increasingly desperate kitten.


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