Oh, no, the peas are starting

T shows me the piece of drip tape that Z cut from the west row of the strawberries, as Z worked on "fixing" the leak
Fixing a big leak in the strawberries

The dozen-ish of (snap? they look a bit like snow) peas that survived the first planting are starting to grown little peas. T ate them tonight.

I’ve been sick this week so I haven’t been keeping up with harvesting. Picked 3 baskets of purple and green green beans today. 2 baskets of decent-looking strawberries from the west side. A big zucchini and a bolting bok choy. Some of the Cinderella pumpkins are just about ripe. The Petaluma Gold Rush beans, well, we’ve missed some. and fyi, they are a pole bean. The 1st packet I got of them didn’t say that, iirc. Think they might be an heirloom, so maybe I’ll get seed.

I checked at the sort-of hardware place across the street today to see if they had fencing, rebar, etc, and they didn’t (today), except for small widths of hardware cloth. On Monday they could sell me 10′ lengths of rebar and we’d need to cut it into 2′ pieces. Z might build another section in the next few days so I can plant the spinach seedlings I’ve had for a couple of weeks :(. I should thin those on Sunday…

Things are starting to die back (not just because of the 2nd heatwave in a week coming on) and I’m feeling pretty sad about the fall. Hopefully we can get our cover crops in, as well as fava beans and strawberries with garlic and flowers and not totally lose those.


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