Got some garlic into the ground!

Today I realized that in advance of potential rain (since downgraded), the best thing I could do was plant some garlic. The soil in many places is not too wet for planting (I hope). I planted a pound of Org Chesnok Red garlic (from PVFS) in east greens bed and in the Seascapes. This got me up close and personal with the grass around the collards, spinach, and broccoli in the low tunnel. T helped and was even able to climb in and out of there by himself. As can the cat.

I found that T can break up a bunch of garlic smoother than I can, but then he starts peeling the clove- so we may be equally bad at it. 😉

I’ve been working hard at turning the compost this week to try to get it to dry out. It’s rough. It’s amazing how the pile keeps shrinking to the same size, even if I add stuff to it every week. :/ I am not good at composting anymore 😦  But I have been thinking that a worm bin could help to finish my piles. We almost got some straw bales today (some of them could have been used on the compost, and some on the ground around the pile), but the place closed earlier than they had said they would. Boo, Barlas Feeds!


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