So many slugs. So. Many.

I pulled dozens of slugs off of my biggest dino and red russian, and green kale plants today. Dozens. Big ones, too. I spent an hour stabbing, smooshing, and slicing them. It was awful.

It’s not quite enough to make me use Sluggo (iron phosphate), but ugh. Need to keep plants from “bridging,” which makes it easy for slugs to climb from one plant to another. I would like to remove the shorter-length low-tunnel so I can get to those kales easier. Even after last week’s major cleanup, I keep seeing huge slugs in there as I’m walking past. You should see the strawberry bed. And it’s so wet – we’ve had an inch-and-a-half or so of water over the last few days.

We have gotten 13.04 inches of rainsince the beginning of October, which is over a third of our average annual rainfall of 36.28 inches and 159% of normal for this point in the season.


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