Planted some favas!

Today I used my cobra weeder (love that thing!) to open up the soil and put fava beans – seeds we saved from our 2015 crop – in. It was amazing to see the difference in the soil as I moved to the north- it gets sandier and harder (like it hasn’t warmed up as much). I mostly just did the east side of the bed, which had less grass growing in it and at the edge of it. Z helped with some of the weeding, and T was also around doing stuff.


A bit later on, I used a sickle to try to beat the grass back from around the garlic. In some places the garlic had just been hidden by the grass this week! I think I did about 1/4 of the area that has garlic in it. That bed also had greens in it this winter, and the sad remains of those plants can be found here and there, along with a lot of the slugs that probably did the damage. I know you can’t tell from this picture but the grass was like 15-24 inches tall before I hacked at it. Sorry for the blurriness.


It occurred to me this evening that maybe I could plant strawberries in that bed — but that’s really only if we get the chicken wire from the base of the low tunnel we used last fall out of the ground and all the grass out. That would really be a lot of work. Maybe I should just stick to the area near the artichokes. Speaking of strawberries, I ordered crowns (bare root plants) today! They should arrive the week after next.



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