Sick kid=less-productive week

Well, I seeded some zinnias in the greens bed the other night but did not water them the next morning or evening. Oops. I made sure to water them this afternoon, and then Z watered for a long time. Too long. Too little communication, as I would have said to not water. Also, 2 of the strawberry beds that needed water were not on, and there was a big leak at the head of one of them because T had left a valve on (last fall) when he was playing with irrigation stuff. Doh! The weeds in the greens bed will be so much worse. I have onion seedlings to plant, and I still have the Shasta daisies… sigh.

After 2 days home sick, my kid is going a bit stir crazy. I missed my 2nd-to-last physical therapy appointment – good thing, since I wasn’t feeling too great yesterday, either.

I realized that the peas are English peas. You’d think I could just look this kind of thing up. It seems like in the 2nd week of bearing, the peas start really looking long and skinny, and that’s when I figure out what they are. I guess I will stop picking them. I wish I had planted snap and snow peas, too, but this winter was crazy, what with the like 175% of average rainfall and all… it was even raining while I planted those peas!

The weather has cooled down, which is a relief, except in that today we had 3 hours without the fog dominating the sky.


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