TWO 110+ degree days!

It never gets that hot here, but it was roughly 112 yesterday and 111 today. Some of the plants in the garden are just sort of fading away. An example is the sunflowers in the east side of the garden. We’ll see what happens. #weather

Part of a screen capture from the Weather Underground site that shows that it was 109.4 degrees early this afternoon.
Screen capture from Weather Underground that showed that it was 109.4 degrees early this afternoon.

We’ve been getting lots of green, yellow, and purple beans and basil. We’ve gotten a few squashes so far, and a couple of tomatoes this week. My seedlings have made it so far – even the ones that I transplanted this week! They are flowers that probably won’t get to flower before it gets too cold, but I felt like I should try. I picked 2/3 of a 5-gallon bucket of pears the night before the 1st extra-hot day. I think that’s all I will get for the rest of the season! I can still see a few out there, but I just don’t have the time or energy. I got too hot  in our carport on Friday and am still recovering.


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