Today I did the most I’ve done in weeks

A burned hillside just 3 miles from our home
Photo taken today. Somewhere in this burned areas marks 3.1 miles from our house

20171025_180636.jpgToday I got outside in the morning. The air quality was good, but I wore my respirator just in case. I worked on deadheading and weeding around my most recently-planted flowers. They’re pretty sad, but even when they’re not producing much, these Dark Orange Marigolds are still awesome. I also raked one of the 3 beds I’d wanted to have greens and garlic in this fall- the one that still has 5 or 6 brassicas remaining after all the digging that wildlife did during the first few days of the fires. I’d avoided doing strenuous activity this whole time (since the 9th). I’ve mostly been picking strawberries, since we’re close to the end of the season. I looked at berries at the store today, and they looked like they’d been refrigerated for 5 days.

T was at home sick the whole week. It’s been really frustrating to lose garden, housecleaning, and self-care time. Today Z worked only a half day, so we went for a nice little walk out back. I didn’t wear my mask, but I should have. It’s nice to breathe fewer traffic fumes and less horse poop and soil.

I’ve only updated the list of links to info and resources about the fires once so far. There’s so much to add, if I ever get the time.


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