I guess this counts as 1st frost

The basil had a good run this year

Well, the end has begun. It was supposed to be a low of 44 degrees Fahrenheit last night. It was 38 or 39 around 7am, according to the smart speaker’s weather report (probably based on about 8 miles away on the other side of Santa Rosa). My friend across the freeway said that his thermometer read 31!!!

The zinnias don’t look too bad from the street, but up close they are mostly gone. The purple zinnias still have some flowers that are harvestable. I had a busy day and didn’t make it beyond the greenhouse and burying recent transplants between appointments this morning. Then I didn’t get out again until dusk tonight. I frantically harvested a few tomatoes, marigolds, basil, and peppers in the dark. My friend Debbie said that I could pull the pepper and tomato plants and hang them in the carport to ripen the remaining fruits. Anyone want to come help with that, lol?

Frosted zinnias

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