1st anniversary of the firestorm

“Karl the Fog” sneaks over Taylor Mountain on 10/9/18

This week is the anniversary of the night the big fires in Sonoma and Napa County started (and I think some started Lake and maybe even Mendocino, but I could be wrong). Folks in the Bay Area in general have been pretty on-edge these last few days as we had hot, dry days with high winds (worse in the hills, ugh) coming from the North and Northeast – much like last year. Thankfully, those particular winds and the red flag warnings have ended.

Today KQED Radio’s “Forum” show was a live event in Santa Rosa with updates from officials from city, county, and state departments related to the fires, future altering about emergencies, coordination with other fire agencies, fire prevention, housing construction, and fire recovery in general. I am guessing that this is part 1 and this is part 2.

KQED news and the California Report have been doing some good reporting in the last year about how the fires started, the cleanup, and rebuilding. In our house, we are radio and web people- we don’t subscribe to the Press Democrat newspaper or watch TV news, so I don’t have a good sense of other coverage. Oh, this weekend there were updates about the red flag warning and the just-in-case stationing of fire trucks in the East Bay hills to prevent a disaster like the fires that happened in the past. I’ve also recently found a radio show (segment, realy) called the North Bay Report,  that has some coverage, although it’s mostly of other issues.

I’m glad that this anniversary is mostly behind us. Really glad.



Grow’s List of Best Gardening Podcasts of 2018

I was excited to click on the link to this list of Best Gardening Podcasts of 2018. I heard about it from Slow Flowers, whose podcast is on the list (although I – and Debra herself – would categorize it as an American Flower Industry (growing, designing, selling) podcast. I don’t listen to any of the others from the list. I prefer to listen to things that are more on the farming side, like the Farmer to Farmer podcast and Farm Small, Farm Smart. I recently found another flower farming podcast called Team Flower (does that link work for you?). I also really like Earth Eats (out of my in-laws’ town – Bloomington!). And I am subscribed to a whole lot of other food/food industry/sustainable agriculture/food nonprofit shows such as Delicious Revolution and Living on Earth. I’ve recently added a bunch in that last list of categories that I haven’t listened to very much.

And yes, I’d love to do a sustainable agriculture podcast. I have ideas of guests and questions to ask. Not just the “softball” questions.

What podcasts do you listen to?


Listened to a great podcast today

Today I listened to a Permaculture Voices “Creative Destruction” series episode called “Two Fathers Talking Unschooling, Raising Kids, and Life with Author Ben Hewitt” (CD10). I didn’t find a link when I looked real quickly just now, but there probably is one. It was a great episode. (I listen to it on Soundcloud)

It reminded me of a conversation I had at my weekly visit to the gym the other night, with a woman who’s a 2nd grade bilingual ed teacher. She told me about all the difficult kids in her class- the defiant ones, the ones who can’t sit down, etc. I was like, “those kids need a different model.” I wonder if that 66 year-old teacher who’s nearing retirement even gave that statement of mine any consideration.

I sometimes think about my education and how something different might have produced a more independent, self-starting person. (When I was in the early years of elementary school, I got B’s, perhaps because I wasn’t challenged enough, or because the classroom environment wasn’t quite right for me). I did great while I was in high school and keeping busy with sports, clubs, and work (and of course, lots of TV, music, and books), but once I got to the nearly totally unstructured university life, and especially once I quit sportsing, I was totally lost. I only stayed with it because the full-tuition scholarship did not allow for taking any time off. When I started at the junior college in 2010, I was much more focused. Perhaps this was partly because I knew what I wanted to do with what I was learning. It was also because I was able to nearly completely focus my life on school. During the 1st 8 months, though, I was living in an intentional community. There was structure/an outlet in terms of community meals, meetings, and work days. After that, I had a commuter room. I really did my 40 hours during the workweek and then went home to Z in Berkeley on the weekends. I’m so grateful that I didn’t _have_ to work during that period. I did a few brief jobs, but sometimes I don’t do very well working for other people. I’m temporally-challenged, for one thing. Speaking of that, I need to get to bed.


Argh, these podcasters are so picky about what software you can listen to their shows with. Some just have to be downloaded or streamed online. I just want to use 1 app, dangit!

Farmer to Farmer Podcast

Sustainable Growing with Quarter-Acre Farm – a local show

I keep forgetting to listen to Delicious Revolution because I had trouble getting episodes thru Tune in Radio, but I heard part of an episode on Podcast Addict and now I see I can get it on Soundcloud. It’s a local show.

TSP- The Survival Podcast (so I’ve heard, have never listened)

My current favorite, which I listen to on Soundcloud, is the The Urban Farmer show on Permaculture Voices. I’ve just started with season 2, and am partway thru episode 2

I think I also listened to something recently from the Permaculture Podcast

I listen to Earth Eats on NPR One…

Do you have any recommendations of shows that you like? I might keep editing this over time, or if folks post comments, please include links! thanks!