Grow’s List of Best Gardening Podcasts of 2018

I was excited to click on the link to this list of Best Gardening Podcasts of 2018. I heard about it from Slow Flowers, whose podcast is on the list (although I – and Debra herself – would categorize it as an American Flower Industry (growing, designing, selling) podcast. I don’t listen to any of the others from the list. I prefer to listen to things that are more on the farming side, like the Farmer to Farmer podcast and Farm Small, Farm Smart. I recently found another flower farming podcast called Team Flower (does that link work for you?). I also really like Earth Eats (out of my in-laws’ town – Bloomington!). And I am subscribed to a whole lot of other food/food industry/sustainable agriculture/food nonprofit shows such as Delicious Revolution and Living on Earth. I’ve recently added a bunch in that last list of categories that I haven’t listened to very much.

And yes, I’d love to do a sustainable agriculture podcast. I have ideas of guests and questions to ask. Not just the “softball” questions.

What podcasts do you listen to?



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