Tuesday’s report

Getting anything done in the garden takes multiple days. On Tuesday morning I was going to plant two six-packs of greens (one is dino kale, the other a red cabbage). I spent an hour hoeing and straightening out the drip tape, hoed out a few extra pigweed plants, and then it was time to get ready to pick the kidlet up from preschool. He goes to school 2 mornings a week, which affords me about 3 extra hours of garden time per week – I can do things like fertilize (I alternate btw a fish/seaweed mix and Biomin 153, which supplies some minerals that our soil is lacking), harvest, etc.

That evening, I picked beans- we still  had a few purple beans, a lot of yellow ones, and some new green pole beans. I also picked ~2 baskets of strawberries. I think we got 1 basket of good ones, and 1 basket of damaged berries. I either eat the damaged ones, or we freeze them for blended juice some evening.

I hadn’t had a chance to rake off the weeds I’d hoed, so I’m a bit nervous to go out there and see what kind of a mess is out there. Plus it’s still really wet from yesterday’s ~0.4 inch of rain, and I don’t want to leave too many sinking footprints…

Hm, I need to find an extra $99 to get rid of the ads below, don’t I? :/

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