These guys had better not mess with my newly-transplanted greens!

skunk sneaking around
skunk sneaking around

We have a motion-sensitive camera in the garden because we needed to find out what was doing so much digging out there. At first, all we got was raccoons- I was surprised because I really thought it had been skunks. We got some motion-sensitive lights, hoping that they’d bother the animals enough to stay away. Nope!

Then, 2 weeks later, the pictures showed a skunk and a fox – both on the same night! One night we had a very large cat and a smaller one that I think was the Bengal cat we’ve seen around. Maybe I’ll post those pictures sometime…

Now, we’ve been trying to figure out how all those animals get into and out of the garden. We have deer fencing on most of 3 sides of the space. There’s chainlink fence along the 4th side. Some low areas at the base of the fencing have been blocked. So we’ll keep observing, when we can!

Moving garden lights around
Moving garden lights around

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