Productive garden day

This morning I picked about a basket of strawberries. Then I spent about 45 minutes weeding and setting up the drip tape for the next section of peas. This evening I planted a packet each of Oregon Sugar Pod II and of Sugar Snap peas. T
“planted” a packet of Sugar Snap peas (I had 2 packets, total) somewhere. When we went in to get more seeds, I got him some of the Green Arrow shelling peas from my 1/2-pound bag. He mostly didn’t try to plant them. I also tried to plant some old Scarlet Nantes carrot seed, but it’s hard to see what you’re doing with about 20 carrot seeds on an extremely muddy hand.

This thing of buying single seed packets needs to stop. It’s too much money for too few seeds. That said, one can’t always find the seeds that one wants in larger quantities, or from the vendor from whom one wants to get them…

I need to be hoeing instead of doing all that ridiculous hand/Cobra weeding. The thing is, there are all these perennial weeds, so a scuffle hoe’s not quite going to do it. A sharp hoe can’t be used along the drip tape without cutting it at least once. So what to do? Keep weeding by hand and trying to not use my sprained hand!

Z checked out the sprayer and it worked fine for him and T. At least it’s been rinsed now.

It’s amazing how different the afternoon light is now – it has really changed to fall in the last 2 weeks.


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