Oh, there’s a path there!

Last night we had one of our larger recent harvests. I picked a gorgeous basket of strawberries and Zak picked some others, as well as cherry tomatoes and beans.

Sept 30, 2015 harvest
Sept 30, 2015 harvest

Talk about over doing it, though – this morning I tried hoeing. We have a whole row of greens that never gets visited because there hasn’t been much of a path due to all the weeds. I think the last time I  hoed here, I had to just focus on the pigweed. There was plenty of that, and the grass is tall, so eventually when my sprained hand started hurting, I switched to just focusing on the pigweed.

Path between the east bed of greens and the
There’s a path!
Z walks between the 2 beds while T picks a cabbage leaf on the other side of the bed of greens
Z walking down the “new” path

After I took these pictures, I did some more hand-weeding around the individual plants to the right of Z. Then I planted some more peas (maybe 15 row feet?), since they’d been in T’s bucket for 2 days. T started digging up the whole area of the garden bed and was eventually taken inside. They were the Green Arrow shelling peas. My hand hurts. I spent a lot of the day without my ace bandage, since it was drying on the clothesline while I was hoeing, and I take it off to wash dishes and bathe. Tomorrow is another day.


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