I mowed! And stuff

I was only out in the garden for about an hour and 20 minutes while my kid was at school, but it was a productive morning. I reburied the peas and the greens (the ones I could rebury), pulled out the drip tape from the bed I was going to mow, moved the sprinklers from the strawberry/garlic area, and mowed some other spots. This evening I got out there and weeded a bit more, hoed a bit, and located a file that T had dropped (at one point he had lost 2 – in the garden!). I also picked 3/4 of a basket of strawberries, and a bunch of cherry tomatoes and some dried Scarlet Runner Beans.

(Click on an image to see a bigger version)

Area next to the eastmost greens after mowing and raking
Mowed Next to Greens
Mowed path next to the pea bed
I mowed the path to the east of the peas
Plant that was chewed off about 5 inches above the ground
Gopher damage?

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