Started some bed prep

Today I started prepping one of the former summer cover crop beds, the one that is just west of the beans. I guess that it will be where I plant either the strawberries, or the garlic. It would be faster to do it by tractor, but then I’d get less exercise! There was a dip in the bed that I was able to fill in a bit using soil that had been left in a pile after one of us had used the landscape rake on a neighboring bed.

I kept trying to assess whether or not to put the seedlings that I bought into the 2nd east bed, which is currently weeds and bell beans, or not. I think I’m going to mow that bed and then hoe out plants in order to put in the greens seedlings that I bought on Sunday. I did some more weeding in the eastmost greens today. What a mess. No sign of the caterpillar (cabbage looper?) that I saw yesterday.

caterpillar on red cabbage
caterpillar on red cabbage

It’s amazing how I would never pay for greens that look like this, but I’m so proud to eat these ones!

The raccoons have been digging again. I think I lost one greens plant in the last few days, and countless peas and pea sprouts have been dug up 😦 The camera is back up tonight. The other night Z happened to spot a raccoon climb in and out on the “H” next to the gate.

Oh, I’m thinking of planting bell beans in the last 10 or so feet of the pea row, since I don’t seem to be planting any more peas (it’s past the last recommended date for my area).


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