Productive day (for Z)

I started a new compost pile 2 nights ago, and the previous pile has not completely dried out to the point of looking like mulch that’s only suitable for a pathway. My piles are not as big as they should be for a “hot” compost pile, ie to kill weed seeds and pathogens. If I didn’t throw so many leaves and berries on the ground, I would at least have a bit more to compost… Tonight I also dumped out some weeds that were in the wagon and turned my piles of grass that I pulled, so they’ll dry out for compost or mulch.

I weeded the peas a fair bit, and hoed a few inches away from them (or so I thought – I punctured the drip tape fairly badly).

We’ve been enjoying a lot of visits from Grey Kitty lately –

Grey kitty in the peas
Grey kitty in the peas
but she needs to stay out of my peas!

I found one caterpillar on some of the younger greens the other day. I know there have to be more on the older ones. I’m so pleased that we are growing our own leafy greens– finally!

Today Z got out on the tractor with the chisel plow and landscape rake. I think I’ve got to put the strawberries (if I manage to get some- they will call me back this Friday to let me know if they’ve got Chandlers) and garlic (onhand) in where I’d been planning on. It would have taken me at least 24 hours to do the no-till equivalent (plus compost, which he mostly didn’t add) of what he did in minutes.

A hummingbird came and hung out with me while I was picking cherry tomatoes late this afternoon. I tried to get a photo and video- haven’t looked to see how they came out. Update to come another day. I hadn’t picked my Sungolds in at least 10 days. Some had fallen onto the ground. 😦 Today on NPR was one of the 1st times I heard someone talk about how helping farmers to be able to produce more saleable produce would be a way to reduce food waste. A _lot_ gets lost in the garden due to quality (bug damage/not picking frequently enough).


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