I’ve been sick but I still visit the garden

I came down with a stomach bug yesterday. While I was napping, Z and T moved more of the posts from our bean trellis over to the pea row. It extends almost to the end of the peas.
I saw grey kitty in the garden yesterday while I was burying some greens that the wildlife had dug up. I felt too sick to pet her! And I hadn’t petted her on Sunday because I was in a hurry. I feel bad. (I didn’t see her today)

So Z did some chisel plowing on Sunday. Today we did some arguing about whether or not to install drip tape in the beds where the garlic and strawberries will grow. Yes, it gets chewed on within two weeks, but what if we don’t get rain? It is predicted to arrive in two weeks, I gather from an article that I haven’t had time to read. Last year the strawberry bed had 3 lines of drip tape- I had tried planting onion sets in the middle. That didn’t work out very well because the skunks or raccoons dug up 95% of them. We got one big onion.

Today Z and T took the sprinklers and water lines out of all of the cover crop rows. It turns out that the areas where we had 8 foot tall sorghum-sudangrass look that way because the sprinkler lines had come unplugged from the tubing- all of the water from those spots had been spilling out on the ground.

I hope that I get to do some of the mowing- our flail mower is somewhat temperamental and Z has figured out the exact angle that it has to be used at in order to not burn (literally) up the belts.

I picked strawberries and shifted the compost today. I also cut a bunch of leaves off of a chard plant that must have had its roots chewed last night or today – it wilted suddenly, but the leaves are Food Not Bombs quality, so to speak. Still edible.

I am feeling sicker tonight (need more naps). Hopefully will add photos at some point.


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