I’ve still been feeling rundown but I did get out there this morning. I prepped for and planted a packet (~40 seeds) of early purple podded fava beans. We’ll see how they do (it’s a bit late for planting, for one thing, and they’re in an area where the raccoons hang out).

I told Z about how the drip lines for the new-new strawberry bed are a bit out of place. I could theoretically set up a new manifold, but why not let him do that and focus my energy on planting, weeding, etc?

Oh, the things I would do if I were out there more. Like weed in-between Chandler strawberry plants, instead of just right around them.

Those peas are still flowering. Hoping for peas for Thanksgiving, but things are moving slowly…

Missed photo of a lifetime: me and T with our sweatshirt hoods on and headlamps on top of them, ready to go out to the garden after dark. I weeded the berries a bit, but it’s so cold out there!!!

I picked a half-dozen old strawberries last night, did I mention that? I would put them out of their misery if I had more time. I guess that technically I could at least stop watering them!


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  1. Where are you located that your still planting and harvesting? Where I am we are preparing for snow this week…likely it will be snow that will stay for the winter.


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