Busy times…

Things are moving along very slowly in the garden. Late last week and over the weekend I guess I planted some last-ditch peas. The fava beans that I planted last week haven’t shown signs of sprouting yet, so I wonder if the peas will. We have had daytime temperatures in the 70’s the last 2 days but we have not been watering that much. It sure gets damp out there as soon as it gets damp.

I finally fertilized the greens (many of them) with the Biomin Booster (about the fertilizer) this morning. This evening I weeded the new strawberries and started to get ready to make a new compost pile. I’ve finally been pulling out some old cabbage plants and putting them into a bucket so they can be used for compost. I like the idea of mulching the paths, but everything is such a fine line when it comes to habitat for pests.

I’ve been reading a book about companion planting: Companion Planting: The Beginner’s Guide to Companion Gardening by M Grande (ebooks are the only books I read. The others are reference books or “someday I’ll read this” books. This kind of book always blows my mind and I am just glad that I know I have it to refer back to. I have some other companion planting books, but I can never get the time to read them since they are in print.

There are all these things we need to remove, and we still haven’t planted our winter cover crops, and now we’re getting ready for family to come for the Thanksgiving holiday… we’ll do what we can! One of my friends is like, “put those people to work!” and I’m like, there are toddlers. At best we’ll be able to pick peas. We got 2 peapods tonight. Or maybe 3. Production is proceeding slowly.

We were all out in the garden on Sunday, although I didn’t really do any work since I was sick still/again. This picture was taken around 12pm, I think. There’s so little light these days!wpid-20151115_104502.jpg

Gross picture alert (below)! We were losing a plant every other day in the greens until 2 days ago. Here are the remaining roots of the most recently-eaten chard. Please tell me that the roots were eaten by a gopher and the other damage is just from slugs (not nematodes or something)!wpid-20151116_172847.jpg


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