Better late than never!

I got the 25ish Sweet Ann (iirc) strawberries planted today! The bed sure looks weird because I put so much compost out before the rain the other week, but that’s ok.

Today was the 1st time that Z got out to the garden since last Sunday, he thinks. He got to do some push-mowing and he also raked some of the messier beds. And he punched a hole for a new line to water the strawberries- we’d had 2 but one of them had been too far over.

Hopefully we will finally get our cover crops sown tomorrow. Oh, and some fava beans! I was trying to hoe the bed they’ll be in today and I think I hurt my knee from standing on the very uneven ground (it’s like a snapping or popping that feels like it’s where the hamstring meets the back of the knee). I don’t really feel it unless I’m doing one of the things that bother it, I guess.

I had to do a lot of re-burying garlic today 😦 The companion planting book that I’m reading recommends planting garlic with so many things, and I’m just like: raccoons. Garlic may just be a crop that we can’t grow here.

Family (his) is coming this week – I hope to get some of the big weeds that are almost blocking the garden entrance cut back before they get here!


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