Getting low on greens!

Yesterday (Monday the 28th) I started a new compost pile! Yay! I was able to do this because Z took the time to get straw bales. That was only possible because he took the carseat out of his car. He bought them from a place that’s just down the hill from our last place (I had bought a bale or two from them while we were living there).

I picked a bit of tiny collards and some huge leaves that were either green cabbages or collards.  Z used some of them in tonight’s turkey and chicken soup.

Today (Tuesday) I bought a bunch of dino kale because we just don’t have that much in the garden right now and I thought Z would be using the rest of what I’d picked in the soup. Hopefully the plants are enjoying the nice sunshine we’re getting this week and we’ll get some faster growth. We finally started covering up the lemon tree that’s right outside our house, though, because the nights are so cold.

Sometimes I open a book and think about crop planning. I don’t get very far since I don’t have much time to think before I have to put the book down. :/  Maybe I can plant some favas in late January. Maybe I could get some cabbage seedlings. I am not yet sure where I would put them.


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