Bad blogger!

I think of something to write here every day, but things have been so busy.

Last weekend I went to a farm conference of sorts. One of the workshops I went to was basically a data-collecting tool for a nonprofit. Another was a nice history of something about how tomato harvesters put a lot of people out of work and caused some problems with US immigration policy. Another workshop was about ag-related activism on the local and state level — dealing with government officials. I went into that one really late because I had gone on an awesome hike. I used to hike there about 3 times a week when I was in school, so I had been itching to get out into that forest by myself for a long time.

Anyhow, the descriptions of the workshops didn’t necessarily match the workshop titles listed on the schedule, and then the descriptions hadn’t prepared folks for how the workshops would be run.

Really people need more opportunities to interact. Weed Dating near the end of the day (I have a photo to add later) and waiting in line for lunch (I got the veggie dish, which was low on protein) were the best times to talk to folks.

Meanwhile, back on the farm… weeding. And then late this week I started prepping to plant those strawberries. I have space cleared for 25 to be planted ASAP.

I had wanted to do some fertilizing and stuff this week, but my kid was sick Th-Fr so he stayed home from school. And was clingy most evenings.

My dude did some mowing today. And he drove some compost into the garden so I’d have it a bit closer to where I need to use it. Sadly the road into the garden now has tire tracks from the tractor== north end of the garden is too wet to drive on. 😦



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