The strawberry planting has begun!

I planted 17 Seascape strawberries today! T helped with the first 8. He even threw one of my heavy trowels at/to me and it hit my hand. That sure hurt. I had Z help him get some (mostly older) bunching onion, chamomile, borage, and something else seeds. He really prefers seeds to transplants, especially since I am not about to let him hold these toxic and precious strawberry crowns!

The last few probably took a bit longer, since I had to get more weeds out. Tomorrow I will have to clear more planting space. I lost my (medium?) file that I use for sharpening the hoe. It’s so annoying to need to sharpen every few feet. I need a setup for using a more appropriate sharpening method such as the angle grinder. I think I’d need a vise for that, and a clear workbench. I don’t think we have either…

Hoping to get all 100 planted before it is expected to rain later in the week. In the meantime, I’m using a little watering can…


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