Kind of glad for the grass in our garden

On a day like today, when we just had a shower that produced the heaviest rain I’ve seen in nearly 3 years on this property, I’m glad that we have grass covering almost our entire garden. We’ve had 3.5+ inches of rain in the last three days or so, after hardly any rain in over a month, so that’s a lot of moisture for our soil to contend with.

The vineyard down the street was draining quickly this morning, but there was still pooled water in-between all of their rows this morning. I didn’t check this morning, and the ground was definitely spongy before this last inch of rain (last 24 hours), but I’m sure we’re in better shape than that!


The strawberries I planted definitely do need to have more soil hilled up around them, though. Some of the roots were exposed yesterday and I focused on weeding elsewhere. I could have lost many plants that way (or I could get a lot of disease), but I do have roughly 30 more crowns in the fridge. I wonder how long it will take for the soil to dry out enough for me to plant them. This series of storms was predicted to drop 6 inches of rain over 10 days, and we are more than halfway there.


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