Sometimes getting things done hurts

Yesterday morning I had kind of a rough time in the garden. I couldn’t get the mower started. It has to be on perfectly level ground and it can’t be in grass that’s taller than like 4 inches. Then I kinda punched myself in the face trying to pull up my shirt sleeves. THEN I was putting compost out around the new strawberry plants and stepped YET AGAIN in the trenches alongside the bed and sprained my ankle. I kept going and didn’t elevate much and it hurts a lot more today.

I did hoe a few more feet where more strawberries can be planted soon šŸ™‚ But we need to fill in those trenches before mowing, fertilizing, or evenĀ planting can happen. It’s just not that safe out there. And I need new boots. (and sneakers, which is impossible for me to find) I really like these boots, so hopefully I can find another pair. This is an expensive week, with our trash bill and preschool and seeds all being paid for in one week! I guess that’s what bank accounts are for.


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