I hoed enough that it looks like I need to hoe

I hoed the Chandlers, so now they can get some daylight! This photo shows “after” with “before” below. I was hoping to put a bunch of compost on the ground, but I’m rethinking that as the sow bugs get to be really bad after I put compost down. I hate to leave the ground bare!! Hopefully these plants will grow a bit more very soon. They really want to make berries. Meanwhile, Z and T picked a couple of strawberries from the old patch this weekend!


those Chandler strawberry plants are just to the left of center- you can see a few taller fava (or bell?) bean plants in there

In other news, I got 2 packages of seeds today 🙂 Z and T worked on getting irrigation to the “new” strawberries, as it’s going to get hot this week!


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