I planted stuff!

On Tuesday I planted 4 rows of corn with Trilogy (green, yellow, purple) bush beans on the outermost 2 rows of drip tape. Today T and I put out seeds for yarrow  at the ends of the bed, calendula here and there, and more corn to catch up to where I had finished planting the beans. Finished the package. I think it’s about 15 feet of corn. The bed is not getting enough water since it started out so dry :/.

Bean and corn bed after the bottom 10 or 15 feet had been planted with beans and corn

On Tuesday evening I also planted about 12 Seascape strawberries. There are still more in the fridge – how ridiculous. I will probably put the rest at the end of the Chandlers. It seems like I might want to keep the Chandlers for next year, anyhow. The weeds in that bed are coming right back after last week’s big weeding. I tried transplanting a borage plant in the summer strawberry row. I didn’t try to break up the block of soil, and I didn’t loosen the soil deep enough when I put it into the ground. It’s pretty wilted.

We lost a Chandler strawberry plant. I noticed it was super-wilted, so I turned it upside down and noticed that there were basically no longer any roots attached to the crown. I blame gophers although there aren’t any signs of them. We don’t trap these days, but we need to.


Meanwhile, I’m still getting about a basket of strawberries per day. The Camarosas are starting to yield berries, but the plants are so tall and the debris on the ground so thick that it’s tough going. I’m pulling out a lot of old leaves and runners as I go along.


I’d like to put in a late bed of greens in the next week. I think that that will only happen if the chisel plow and landscape rake are put into use. That said, the flail mower is hooked up to the tractor in anticipation of mowing the south side of the field if it can be driven on.


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