Production seems to be picking up

I didn’t make it to the garden this morning because we bought our (first?) farm truck! It’s a used Ford F150 with room for the carseat in the back seat. My buddy Chris advised against getting one because they need a lot of what he calls “wrenching” all the time. He told me about his friend who has a graveyard of Ford parts from trucks he’s had over the years.

I got out there tonight, turned on the water, and realized that the pressure we’ve been running it at was too low. There wasn’t any water coming out of the drip tape in the 5 beds we’re trying to water at the moment (3 strawberry, one alliums and weeds, and the new corn/bean bed). I turned it up and left it on for longer than I meant to- about 75 minutes.

I got to take a leisurely walk around the garden. I found our first ripe Chandler. I am mostly still picking buds off of the smaller plants, but I need to stop doing that. I had intentionally let this one form a berry, though. It was pretty good but could have used more water.


Then I went out to the strawberries and picked 2 baskets! I can’t believe how much old debris still needs to be taken out of there. I take so many fistfuls out every day! I even accidentally pulled out at least 2 strawberry plants!

The Seascapes that I planted the other day look terrible. Maybe I should just compost the rest. It’s either that, or plant them! I’m concerned that they’d be more vulnerable to diseases and pests because they’ve been in the fridge for so long.

We’ll see what can get done this weekend. It might be a good time for flailing, except that I think the mower still needs to be lubed and have its belts checked (Z burned them up last year). I heard that Sunday won’t be as windy. I can only hope. It’s time to get that chisel plow and landscape rake out and put them to work!



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